We are pleased to announce that we are now introducing a new concept to help schools have an annual roof check at a price that

could save thousands of pounds in future damage.


These checks will identify faults at the early stages and avoid

those costly re-roof issues or even worse extensive damage

caused internally due to roof failure. We pride ourselves to

provide extremely honest and a very reasonably priced service

as our aim is to have a long term relationship with our customers

whom will have trust in our assessment and value our services.

We have two options for the annual service

which we feel will meet your needs.

Schools have been the majority of our work for the past 25 years

and we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in roofing

services in the Bradford Metropolitan District.

We are aware schools have a tight budget & are always concerned

about the cost of yearly maintenance to their building as they would

prefer to spend their budget on services that can easily be valued

by your team. However poorly maintained roofs can lead to high

re-roofing costs which can be avoided if problems are identified

in the early stages.


Note; during these inspections if our team find that some minor repairs

are needed on the roof then these will be repaired at no extra costs

Conditions required to carry out work -

Accessible by ladders and roof ladders in a cordoned off safe area designated

by the school or we can come off site in school breaks if preferred,

we have done this for 25 years safely. work to be done in normal working hours.

Older schools might require additional inspection in the year

but this can be advised on a case by case basis.

Our half day and full day inspections include the following:

Complete investigation and report of the roof condition

Minor repairs we can do within that time frame of the

inspection period.

Minor repairs include: loose slates, loose flashings, patch pointing, cleaning out outlets, gutter cleaning and patch repairs to flat roof.

If there should be any further works required other than the minor repairs: this information will be provided in a detailed report along

with photographic evidence and an explanation of the problem.


If our services are of interest to you, you can contact us via email

or via our contacts page or give us a call on my number below.


Kind Regards,

Colin Thompson

Managing Director

Mobile 07970246331

Office Number – 01274 600951